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The Penn - One Note Fish Whistle

The Penn - One Note Fish Whistle

The Penn One Note Fish Whistle is made from premium Cherry hardwood sustainably and locally sourced. The Penn is small enough to fit in your pack while still hitting that perfect note while on the stream. Also works great to close out a day in the field or on the trail. 




  • Hand crafted in South Minneapolis, Minnesota 
  • Sustainably sourced Cherry hardwood harvested from local parks during conservation efforts
  • Carefully sanded and sealed with food grade beeswax 
  • The bowl is left unfinished and can be coated using the a classic technique used by countless enthusiasts and builders.



  1.  Insert a pipe cleaner in the stem of the pipe to keep the airway open.
  2. Wipe a nice even layer of maple syrup around the inside surfaces of the bowl. 
  3. Pour activated charcoal powder into the bowl right up to the rim.
  4. Allow the pipe to sit for an hour or more. This gives time for a layer of charcoal powder to be absorbed by the syrup.
  5. Dump out the excess charcoal powder, remove the pipe cleaner from the stem.
  6. Now the hard part. LET THE PIPE SIT FOR 5-7 DAYS. The bowl coating will cure smooth and hard.
  7. After curing, your pipe is ready to go!


Due to the nature of wood, each piece will have variances in woodgrain, color, knots etc.


Dimensions: 3.5” Long x .5” Wide 

Care instructions: Wipe clean with a dry cloth. Do not soak in water.

  • Ships in 2 Weeks!

$32.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
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