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The Rift Fly Tying Tool Caddy (FTTC)

The Rift Fly Tying Tool Caddy (FTTC)

Made from premium hardwoods sustainably and locally sourced. The design has a layout of 30 holes of various sizes that can store your fly tying tools of various sizes


Rift comes from the term "Rfit Sawn". With rift sawn lumber the tree rings are typically between 30-60 degrees, with 45 degrees being optimum. Manufactured by milling perpendicular to the log’s growth rings producing a linear grain pattern with no flecking. Rift sawn lumber is very dimensionally stable and has a unique linear appearance.



  • Hand crafted in South Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Slot that can Hold 1/4oz Zap-A-Gap
  • Each Caddy has 4 rubber feet on the bottom to help elevate (1/4" Tall) and prevent scratching of your work station
  • - Sustainably sourced Ash, Cherry, Maple and Walnut Hardwood, harvested from local parks during conservation efforts
  • - Carefully sanded and sealed to preserve natural beauty
  • - Natural stain Meets ​Toy standard EN 71- Meets Regulation
  • - Stain if both water and heat resistant


Due to the nature of wood, each piece will have variances in woodgrain, color, knots etc.


Dimensions: 5.5 - 6" wide, 1.75"- 2" thick, 5-7" Long*each piece is unique and dimension will vary. Total holes and layout will always remain the same


Care instructions: Wipe clean with a dry cloth. Do not soak in water.

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