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Sustainable Handmade Wood Products

Temperance and Penn is at the corner of Penn Ave in Minneapolis and the Temperance River in Minnesota’s Superior National Forest. 

At our core, we are dedicated to providing premium outdoor accessories that cater to a range of outdoor enthusiasts. Our unwavering commitment revolves around sustainability and forest conservation. We strive to design products and partner with brands that seamlessly blend beauty and functionality, leaving a positive footprint on our environment.


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Minneapolis-based woodworker who specializes in crafting high-quality accesories for the outdoor industry using wood sourced from the great outdoors. Passionate about sustainability, only locally sourced wood harvested in a responsible and eco-friendly way is used. From mountain biking, skiing and fly fishing; each product is designed or hand picked with a focus on quality, ensuring it stands the test of time. Check out the collection and bring a touch of the outdoors to your life today!


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Minneapolis, MN

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